In May 2017, VicRoads engaged MALA studio to develop a series of Artist Impression for public consultation of the proposed Barongarook Creek bridge project.

The proposed urban design concept for the proposed Barongarook Creek bridge is landscape-driven and is limited in its architectural and built form scope. It is intended that the bridge itself forms a secondary component of the gateway entrance and is visually recessive to the surrounding heritage buildings, existing landscaping and the unique Creek-side setting.

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Docklands City Park Stage 2 Construction in Process

The next stage of the recreational park aims to enhance the existing multi-courts and includes outdoor exercise stations, ping pong tables, recycled timber daybeds and seats, spectator platforms, tilted lawns and garden nooks.

The construction is due to completion in the next three weeks and will create a consistent feel throughout the site.

Stay tuned.


Read more about the project here

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